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You’ve used established workflows your entire career. So, why should you change anything now?

Digital transformation isn’t just about the technology itself; it’s also about how technology can offer better solutions to traditional problems, enable creativity, innovation, and keep competitiveness in an increasingly digital world.

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As a leader in sports, media, gaming, and high-tech industries, Fede lean methods as a way of thinking about the very process of management.


Doctoral researcher within the Institute for Sport Business at Loughborough University. Visiting lecturer at leading educational institutions as UPF and ISDE.


Led multi-cultural teams creating SaaS products, propelled by Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics which resulted in millonaire revenue.


keynotes about technologies and liberal arts spark the curiosity of the audiences


academic papers, articles, exhibitions, and books, matching humanities and tech


cross-industry expertise in marketing, sales, operations, and development


A Digital Cultural Phenomenon

interview at Clarin newspaper

Developing the Esports Arenas of the Future

SAP and hok integration for future stadiums

The Rise of Esports Industry

article at the conversation

Penalty Challenge Game

commercialised a cross-platform game which achieved 25k downloads

Startups Forge

Mentoring at Skolkovo Foundation


the digital gap

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Francis Cepero VP, Innovation & Technology - Media, Sports & Entertainment @ SAP

His passion for the entertainment sector is greatly complemented by his practical knowledge, business development skills and truly innovative spirit. Intellectually bright and commercially smart, Fede creates great value for all stakeholders along the value chain.

Robert (Bobby) Schur Chief Operating Officer/COO @Stats Perform

Fede is one of the most capable & highly energenic people I have worked with. He is extremely committed and works the situation from multiple angles to find teh best solution for all. He thinks critically about how he can best move the company forward and utilizes his many strengths to jump in and help wherever he is needed most. Fede is an invaluable asset to any company.

Deborah Klein VP & General Counsel @STATS

Fede is a creative, hard-working business leader - always exploring different avenues and different potential solutions in order to get a deal done. Business and Legal folks can sometimes clash, but Fede actively partnered with Legal in order to achieve goals and reach solutions that were in the best interest of all parties.

Todd Hegseth Director, Sales Operations

I had the pleasure of working with Fede while we both worked at STATS. Fede was a sales leader in the truest sense - he had command of his market and in-depth knowledge of how our products fit his customer's needs. He is enthusiastic, confident and eager to make a positive difference for all that he works with - internally and externally.

Daniel Pinto Coma ISDE

I had the pleasure of working with Federico on several projects, related in Education, Sports, esports... Fede´s ability to handle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before. ISDE students miss him already! As a leader, Federico earns my highest recommendation.

Adriana Ros Head of Admissions @ISDE Barcelona

One of the best teachers who has taught in the master of esports Bussines by ISDE Law & Business School Barcelona & Dremhack Spain. Federico has proven not only to be highly valued by students but also to be personally involved with the institution which says a lot about the kind of person he is. The students learned a lot from him, that's why he will repeat as a teacher in the next few weeks and of course, the next edition.

Ivan Castro Díaz Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Federico was my supervisor of the Master's Final Project at the Barcelona School of Management. It was a great enriching experience thanks to the knowledge he contributed about esports.

Alexandre Cerdeira Loughborough University

I had a pleasure to have a class with Federico during my Masters at Loughborough University London a couple of weeks ago. He is a passionate about his work with esports and gaming and challenged the students about the innovation in the sports industry. I am very interested in the subject and I approached him after the session. He was very kindly and has been helping me in my specific project. I definitely suggest him as a lecturer and as a consultant.

Morten Møller-Madsen CEO at VizStats A/S

I worked with Federico at STATS. We were both developing the business of STATS within sports data. His input and sharpness are as colorful as the clothes he wears. Different, with an edge, and sharp. You could always come to Federico for an opinion, input, and sparing. Working across boarders, and with different cultures was a challenge he overcame with his always good mood and professional work attitude. I can strongly recommend working with Federico.

Adina Meisel Innovation and Marketing @HYPE

I worked with Federico on an array of projects from sports tech accelerators, to webinars, and panels and I can attest to his professionalism, his wealth of knowledge, and passion for innovation. He was a valuable mentor to the sports tech community and young startups, and to me. I hope we cross paths again so we can collaborate in the near future!


    Head of Entertainment Industries, EMEA
    VP of Marketing & Sales, EMEA
    Design and implementation of video tracking
    Design of the first NBA Fantasy in Europe for C+
    European editor, covering major sports events
    Design and storytelling with data assets
    Transforming cinema and arts scene in KSA
    Technological advisor of the board


    Loughborough University, Institute for Sport Business
    3 Lesney Ave, E20 3BS, U.K.