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Fede Winer is an executive, speaker, and lecturer that helps brands with agile leadership principles to improve business models and technologies in high-tech and sportainment industries.

Why agile?
Because it works!
Make the switch

One of the most powerful benefits of agile is the ability to quickly recognize when things are going off course and to adjust on the basis of learning.

Agile transformation, if properly executed, can boost levels of employee engagement more than 90% and improve customer satisfaction.

Global expertise in key leadership areas



More than a decade of experience shaping high-performance teams to maximize its potential.



With a strong journalist background, imparts key brand information in an engaging and innovative way.



From research at Loughborough University to creating curricula for the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

/ Publications

As a leader in sports, media, gaming, and high-tech industries, leaning methods as a way of thinking about the very process of management.

/ Keynotes

Speaks about technologies and liberal arts spark the curiosity of the audiences. Full playlist is available on YouTube.

/ Projects

Led multi-cultural teams creating SaaS products, propelled by Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics which resulted in millonaire revenue.

/ Scholar

Doctoral researcher within the Institute for Sport Business at Loughborough University. Visiting lecturer at leading educational institutions as UPF and ISDE.


Several expertise in a wide range of projects in high-tech, sportainment, and education markets. If you want to develop an idea, a business or need help with an opportunity, do not hesitate to drop a message.

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“Fede is one of the most capable & highly energetic people I have worked with. He is an invaluable asset to any company.”

Robert Schur

Robert Schur

Dacra tech

“Fede is a creative, hard-working business leader – always exploring different avenues and different potential solutions to get a deal done.”

Deborah Klein

Deborah Klein

VP & General Counsel