PlanetFootball: “Sport lags behind other industries in terms of innovation”

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With a new project at Buenos Aires club Banfield, it is an issue that Winer and his colleagues are trying to resolve – not just for themselves, but for football as a whole. Banfield.Tech is the name of the programme and their aims are lofty. The project, Winer says, “follows a doctrine of love and……

Sports technologist Federico Winer, new CEO at Inmotio

Zeist, June 2021 – Federico Winer, an expert in innovation and technologies applied to the sports industry, has been appointed as the new CEO of Inmotio Tracking B.V., a leading sports performance analytics company.  With two decades of experience in the sports and entertainment industry, Winer is on a mission to take Inmotio to a new level of technological development and……

Panel at InSportExpo Russia

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@InSportExpo is the largest online sports and entertainment global conference. I am thankful to the organizers in Russia for inviting me as a panel leader about technologies applied to professional athletes and federations. Live data collection, delivery, and usage in trainings and matches for performance, media, betting, research, and fans. Join the wave and book……

Speaker at Global Soccer Conclave

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Panel at Global Soccer Conclave 2021 to discuss data driven decisions in sports, from performance to FRM (Fan Relationship Management). Join the wave! .ugb-cf8da9a .ugb-image-box__item{height:700px !important}.ugb-cf8da9a .ugb-image-box__item1 .ugb-image-box__image{background-image:url(}@media screen and (min-width:768px) and (max-width:1025px){.ugb-cf8da9a .ugb-image-box__item{height:300px !important}}@media screen and (max-width:768px){.ugb-cf8da9a .ugb-image-box__item{height:300px !important}}